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co-i◆nventor of Oc○u

o○duct development ●is absolutely〓 necessary, an●d must tightly i●ntegrate h●ardware, software●, human percepti●on, and neuros○cience," said 〓LaValle.LaValle also■ shared a pho◆to on his Faceb■ook page in whic○h he is wearin●g Huawei's◆ uniform.Hu◆awei Consumer BG● CEO Yu Che〓ngdong also conf◆irmed that LaValle ◆will join Huawei. Yu● said he interviewe○d LaValle in

●person.Huawei Tech◆nologies Co● Ltd, one of t○he world's ○largest telecom e■quipment makers, s〓aid on Friday● it expects to reco●rd a 32 percent jum○p in revenu○e for 2016●, thanks to a stron〓g performance ■across its bus■iness platforms.T〓he Shenzhen-based c◆ompany fore〓


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